Nicky di adora il Panno Casentino

La fashion blogger Nicky di adora il Panno Casentino, difatti nel suo ultimo post indossa un bellissimo cappotto by Opifici Casentinesi! Grazie Nicky!



My Green City Coat



Hallo Fashion World and NOT,
Christmas spirit is increasingly obvious, the most beautiful time of the year for me, one that has a magical flavor, one in which we expect something good to happen, to the astonishment in the eyes of the children at the sight of the Christmas lights , trees in all locations.
The Christmas Tree in ….

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, in Milan is without doubt one of the most beautiful seen, made in collaboration with Swarovski,
was festooned with 36 Thousand lights and about 10 thousand Swarovski crystals, and at the base will also be an exhibition with the masterpieces of the brand that from 25 years illuminate the Christmas around the world.




For my days in Milan I worn a coat that I love and that is accompanying me in this cold winter.
Have you ever heard about the Casentino fabric?
Italian excellence, traditional wool fabric typical of Casentino, (heart of Tuscany) born more than 800 years ago.
Mine is from the brand Opifici Casentinesi,( maybe you saw their pieces in the Shop Windows of Rinascente Store in Milan some weeks ago..).
The company through a deep research and experimentation, has been able to reinterpret the tradition of Casentino cloth in clothes that make the fabric contemporary and sophisticated.

As my green coat, so warm, cozy and with a unique lightness. Suitable for the city and perfect for my frequent trips.
An elegant and stylish piece that will turn heads.
What do you think?
Complete the look some handmade pieces as the Kiwi+Pomelo bag and Le Madamadorè necklace, perfect ideas for your XMas gifts !





With Love

Picture by unique and talented: Ksenia_Photo

Coat: Opifici Casentinesi
Bag: Kiwi+Pomelo
Necklace: Le Madamadorè
Belt: Gucci
Glasses: Cèline
Boots: Asos
Jeans : Zara

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