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JU’STO: new collection presented at WHITE, Milan


JU’STO presented his new collection at WHITE , Milan, January 16 to 18.

The acclaimed brand of bags and accessories, created by the inspiration of the designer Emanuele Magenta , now offers an exciting new choice, some examples are:

the J-BACKY ,





the J-POSH ,





and J-WATCH .



Below all the photos of WHITE with new models, like the J-POPPY with more sizes and colors, and the J-2 (which is a smaller J-1 ).




stand JU'STO

stand JU’STO











The launch of the PRINCIPE bag by Save My Bag is a success at PITTI


From 12 to 15 January Save My Bag debuted at Pitti Uomo with the new model for man: PRINCIPE“.

The PRINCIPE bag is characterized by simple lines, the sporty characteristics and rich indetails enhance the image of a man with a strong personality who is able to capture the relevance and modernity in its choices.


The success of the new #SMB model was amazing, so great that fascinate women despite its big size. The PRINCIPE bag can be used for many occasions, designed for HIM and convenient for HER.


Be cool beyond the rules




SMB debuts at Pitti Uomo and launches the new line PRINCIPE for man


Double debut for Save My Bag: PITTI UOMO and launch of the line “for man” PRINCIPE.

After the acclaimed success of the It bag – Icon, symbol of worship of the female world that stands out “beyond the rules,” Save My Bag does not fail to surprise us and launches the first man bag: the Principe bag, which will be presented in Florence at the entrance of SMB at Pitti Immagine Uomo, from 12 to 15 January 2016.


BAG – PRINCIPE [ tartan ]

Principe is characterized by simple lines, the features are sports and rich detail. Details that exalt the concreteness, the image of man with a strong personality which captures the contemporary in its choices. So here is the preference for a big zip, profiles in evidence, until the new logo that leaves the shape of the lock identifier of the brand to prefer a more square shape defendant to a men’s line in a modern and minimal style.

BAG - PRINCIPE [ Balena ]

BAG – PRINCIPE [ Balena ]

A clamp on the front of the bag, acts as a support for the insertion of the logo and of the letters to customize the SMB with the initials.It is the classic detail that makes the difference, because the initials of a bag, give that “something” more, turning it into a unique piece.

BAG - PRINCIPE [ Triangle ]

BAG – PRINCIPE [ Triangle ]

Principe is a bag that reflects the heritage of the brand: 100% Made in Italy, researched innovative material Poly-fiber fabric with Lycra fabric, of personal creation, able to charm with its softness, lightness and elasticity and the large polychrome. Prince takes on the colors and patterns of the trend: the plain Whale (blue jeans), printing british tartan, print geometric triangles and the classic pied de poule

The new SMB “for man” with multiple functions, is an excellent alternative to the classic travel bag, or a light and colorful gym bag, or a practical solution for everyday street style, able to hold everything you need for work or everyday life.


Save My Bag “Be cool beyond the rules”

Save My Bag

SAVE MY BAG is the It Bag for every woman

100 shades of color, from blue Tiffany to teal blue, from the colors more natural to the vibrant tones, all characterized by an identifying element: an attractive padlock, recognizable even in the logo, which both made known all over the world the SAVE MY BAG.

Save My Bag is not a sober version of an iconic bag but a luxurious second bag, a reinterpretation of plastic shopping bags to store office documents and personal items or, as the name suggests “save my bag” a cover bag designed to protect the precious bag branded.

Les jeux sont fait: you buy a cover because of the good price, is colorful and soft, but when you start to use it you start to learn that is comfortable and that people on the street compliments as rarely happens with a brand bag, then you start thinking that it is a fun idea, something that was missing in fashion accessories and had never seen before …. so you discover an It bag.

So it’s born the “Icon Bag”, cruelty free, 100% Made in Italy, available in 35 basic colors, with monthly updates and, for the most visionary trendsetter, refined prints that interpret the season’s trends. Now the family is expanding with other models: Joy, Weekender, Portofino, Hippie Clutch and other accessories to enhance its collections.

Hippy Joy

Hippy Joy

Success came quickly, even among the greatest names of the fashion firmament: Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai and Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, El Cortes Ingles Spain, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Bloomingdales America, Fenwick Bond Street London, Brian & Barry Milan, and more than 700 selected multibrand retailers; with a production of around 25,000 bags per month and increasing demands from around the world.

Now the biggest market is represented by Asia: Korea and Japan in the first place and an ambitious project on the chinese market, which includes the opening of 20 brand shops.

The brand is already abroad, in Japan, Poland, and by Christmas 2015 is scheduled to open in Singapore, Orchard Road.

In Italy we find the SMB boutique in the airport of Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio. Other shops are in the historical centers of Milan, Bergamo and Rome.

Since September 2015 the Company had an agreement with showroom Seven in New York for the American distribution of the brand.

In Italy are operating direct agents and the press office Your image of Laura Smagliato.

Save My Bag is loved by international stars, princesses of the Emirates, the girl next door, so is the bag for all women.

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