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TOSCA BLU: Virgina Tosca Blu is the new face

Virginia TOSCA BLU ritratto




Virginia Tosca Blu has always been unknowingly “testimonial” from childhood. She had just two years old when his father, Giacomo Ronzoni, well-known entrepreneur in the leather goods; with his wife Raffaella Condursi decides to launch a new brand of bags, inspired by the grace and versatile daughter’s name, calling the line TOSCA BLU.
And now, after 16 years, the muse has decided to put her face in the new collection.

TOSCA BLU is worldwide with flagship stores and corners in the most famous department store.

Virginia Tosca Blu, the teen soap and water, loves the simple things but it always sends a mysterious elegance, suspended between compliance with the rules and ostentatious originality and determination, characteristics of young people that travel and research independence, Virginia is the testimonial of the style and the contradictions of our times.

The young icon of the brand family, can be defined stilish and pop, charming and elegant, perfect to embody the collection TOSCA BLU S/S 2016, in line with the call: “Back to the Seventies“, in a flurry of prints & multi-faceted colors.

Virginia TOSCA BLU ritratto

Virginia TOSCA BLU portrait




JU’STO shops and web for an interconnected market


JU’STO come up with a plan that includes innovative new retail openings online and “offline”.

The unique style of the collections made in Italy, is the result of constant research on materials and forms, strongly characterized by the passion for detail that is reflected in the brand boutique. Design and versatility, fashion and art, are the unions that express the soul of JU’STO.

The mood of JU’STORE is a zen inspiration as the interior space is open to geometric lines that enhance the composition of furniture created with natural materials, the freshness of the forms wrapped in warm light and comfortable perfectly enhances the design and colors of JU’STO products designed by Emanuele Magenta.

These are the first single-brand stores in the historic centers of Rome, Florence, Alassio, Turin, Cuneo, Alba, Genoa, Chieri, Trieste and Montpellier. Will be added JU’STORE Novara (Via Fratelli Rosselli, 10 / A) and JU’STORE Bergamo (via St. Alexander, 6) and, next steps will be the opening of JU’STORE BILBAO and JU’STORE AIX EN PROVENCE.

An important role is played by the e-commerce that is growing steadily and is not a channel antagonist to the store, but a resource. Customers who choose to shop on the site, find a wide range of items and limited editions, created exclusively for the online shop and stores JU’STORE.

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